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  • How long is the AIDA show?

    Our AIDA is series length! Both before and after the 25-minute intermission, our opera lasts an hour. Thus, the opera ends at approximately 22:30. 

  • What effects can I look forward to?

    AIDA was developed especially for the arena and is therefore much more than just an opera! AIDA awaits with special musical effects (often loud!), scent effects, video images, animations, live images of the soloists, special transformations of the stage set, lighting effects, a gigantic blue cloth that is pulled over the spectators in the floor and lots of surprises that are only conceivable in the arena...

  • Do I understand the opera?

    The opera is performed in the original Italian language. We have placed a very high value on the comprehensibility of the story, so that you can understand the plot even if you don't speak Italian. For safety's sake, we project the sung texts in a condensed form clearly visible to every visitor on our projection circle. For reasons of space, we display the texts only in German.

  • Am I allowed to take pictures or film during the show?

    In principle, we are happy about beautiful pictures or videos - gladly uploaded on Facebook, Instagram or other social networks. However, it is particularly important to us that the visit remains a very special experience for every spectator. Therefore, photography with SLR cameras or other cameras with interchangeable lenses is not permitted. The same applies to filming with professional cameras (e.g. camcorders). Tablets (e.g. iPad or Galaxy Tab) are also not permitted in the arena for taking photographs. The recordings could disturb other visitors* in the immediate vicinity.

    Please also note that photography is only permitted for private purposes, not for commercial purposes. Press representatives can obtain accreditation from our PR team.

    Please note: the flash must be switched off at all times!

  • Can I bring my dog or other pets to the show?

    Animals are generally not allowed.

  • What about parking, toilets and catering?

    You can get this information on the website of your arena.

  • When is admission to the arena?

    The arena opens at least 1.5 hours before the start of the AIDA. You can find your seats in the auditorium from one hour before the start. Please arrive in time, as we unfortunately do not take traffic into consideration and can only influence the parking situation to a limited extent.

  • From what age are you allowed to visit the AIDA?

    Children under 6 years of age may not be brought to the event. Children and teenagers can visit our AIDA with their legal guardians. We look forward to seeing many children and teens, as our AIDA is equipped with enough visual spectacle to provide even the youngest guests with an enjoyable evening! Teenagers from 16 years of age may visit the AIDA at any time with a/an guardian.

  • Can I be part of the show?

    Each performance offers 32 adults the chance to experience the stage action up close, in the extra role as a prisoner. 

    Your application for one of the places starts with a public casting, which takes place 3-4 weeks before the performance. If you are selected, you will receive an invitation to a specific show. Your day as a performer starts at noon with costume rehearsal, make-up and stage rehearsal. After a meal in our catering and some stage directions from our evening director, you will take the stage in the middle of the second act finale. You will be accompanied by the experienced performers of the opera and will therefore know what to do at all times. After your performance, you can watch the rest of the show on a screen in the dressing room. You will receive a certificate as a lightning performer afterwards, with which you can redeem 10% discount on further events of the AIDA Opera in 2024!

  • Are there animals in the opera?

    We think that animals have no place in our opera. Nevertheless, we do not do without an elephant in the second act! Our elephant mother "Ayana" is lovingly moved by 6 puppeteers! The falcon of the chief priest Ramfis can be admired as pure animation.

  • Are there children in the opera?

    The children of our children's ballet attend children's dance classes at the children's dance school "Kinderwerk Hamburg". Accompanied by the experienced dance instructors of the dance school, 12-14 children perform their choreography in the 2nd act, just before the intermission. 

    The group travels to the arena together with the dance instructors in the afternoon. At the dance school, the costumes, make-up and hair are already completely prepared and thus the children appear in the arena as Egyptian children. There is a rehearsal with music and lights on stage and afterwards the children can enjoy a meal at their own table in the artist catering (suitable for children). Then the performance starts! After about 40 minutes, the call for the children follows: together with the dance instructors, who have transformed themselves into Egyptian servants of Princess Amneris, they go to the stage entrance. With a signal from the stage manager, the performance starts! The children are naturally very excited - an arena is already very impressive! But we are sure that the children's group will give their best! And if the choreography is not perfect, we apologize for this. An exemption from the city of Hamburg for the children's performance has been applied for and will of course be available on show day.

  • Can I bring bags and backpacks to the show?

    For more information, please visit the Arena website.

  • What are the ticket discounts?

    Children under the age of 6 are not admitted to the event. Children ages 6-12 receive a 10% discount off the regular ticket price for each category.

    Pupils, students, trainees, people doing a BFD (Federal Volunteer Service) as well as pensioners, senior citizens and severely disabled persons (GdB 80%) receive a 5 Euro discount on the normal price of the respective category, provided they show the corresponding ID at the entrance. Wheelchair users and severely disabled persons who are dependent on an escort (characteristic 'B') receive an escort free ticket and pay the full price for the ticket themselves. The companion free tickets cannot be booked online, but only via . The simultaneous granting of several discounts per ticket is excluded.


  • My ticket is intended as a gift and therefore I would like to make the price unrecognizable. Does that keep it valid?

    Yes, that is not a problem. However, please make sure that the seat designation is still recognizable.

  • I bought a discounted ticket, but now it is to be used by a person who is not entitled to a discount. What do I have to consider?

    Don't worry! You simply pay the difference to the normal price at the box office. However, the reverse is not possible: payouts are excluded.

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