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Further contacts

  • Accessibility

    All information on accessibility can be found on the Arena homepage.

    Basically, we want to make it possible for every music lover to take part in our events and do our utmost to make the stay as relaxed as possible for people with a handicap. Wheelchair users and guests with a B in their severely disabled pass can bring an accompanying person free of charge. This accompanying person does not need a ticket of their own, but is granted access on presentation of the severely disabled person's ID with the corresponding mark on the spot.

    Please note: AIDA has special seats for guests with disabilities. These tickets are not available at official ticket agencies but can currently only be purchased by e-mail: If you have any further questions or suggestions, please contact the FKP Scorpio service team by e-mail:

  • Sponsoring & Partners

    In principle, we welcome sponsors for our AIDA. We pay attention to sustainability in all areas and attach great importance to products and brands matching the opera. We look forward to exciting and reliable partnerships that fit our staging and target group. AIDA offers the most diverse opportunities to present and integrate a brand. Together we will find the perfect solution for your brand! The colleagues at FKP Scorpio who look after our sponsors look forward to hearing from you: